Puzzle Peace United, State of New Jersey Non-Profit Organization

   Supporting South Jersey's children with Autism

      2018 Schedule of Events

Puzzle Peace United presents  FREE events for all children with Autism and related disabilities: 

December: Sensory Free Santa

                   December 1, 2018 12pm-2pm

                   Redeemer Lutheran Church, Landis Ave., Vineland, NJ

                   RSVP by 11/24/18 to jculican@puzzlepeaceunited.org

Please check back regularly for updated information on events as it becomes available!

RSVP to Jamie Culican at jculican@puzzlepeaceunited.org

2018 schedule of events updated weekly! Check back for future events!!

100 Families and Counting!!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for all of their donations!  So far we have been able to work with over 80 families with Autism right here in South Jersey!  

Please continue to check the website for updates on events and fundraisers! 

What is Autism?

When you look up Autism in the dictionary, you get something like this:

"A condition disturbing perceptions and relationships: a disturbance in psychological development in which use of language, reaction to stimuli, interpretaion of the world, and the formation of relationships are not fully establshed and follow ususual patterns."

However accurate that may be, here at Puzzle Peace United we have a different view on Autism, this is how we define it:
"People who choose their friends wisely, honest, loving, and nonjudgmetal.  They live their lives to the extreme, when they like something, they really like it.  The smallest thing can make them happy.  They might seem disorganized, but they love structure and schedules. They are individuals!" 
A child with Autism is a child first, embrace their differences and learn from their honesty.


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